Having Problems Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals?

First let me say that if you are having problems achieving your weight loss goals, check with your doctor to verify that there is not an underlying condition preventing you from achieving your goal. Provided there is nothing physically preventing you from attaining your goal the next step would be to look at the mental side of your weight loss efforts.

What do I mean? I mean the mental pictures you have of your physical body, do you see yourself as fat and out of shape? Do you get frustrated and angry when you slip up on your weight loss efforts?

Why You Maybe Having Problems Losing Weight

Well, let me say that part of successfully achieving your weight loss goal is to create the mental pictures of what you want your new body to look like. Next, you will want to put pictures around your home of people you would like to look like. What this does is remind you of your goal, next you will want to set out a plan for achieving your goal.

Now I understand that as someone who is overweight finding your way back to a more slimmed down healthier you maybe a take some outside help. I am not talking here about just losing weight which you have a good chance of remaining in a couple months or years, I am referring to adopting a healthier lifestyle which will require exercise, a change in nutrition and possible a change in living conditions.

One of the reasons you may be having problems achieving your weight loss goals could be due to one of the above reasons or a combination of all of them, only you can examine your life and with the help of a coach or adviser or personal trainer can suss out the way out of your overweight dilemma.

The key to achieving your goal is in the mental pictures your carry around in your mind, not just your conscious mind by also your subconscious mind. Without both working in harmony to attain your goal one will sabotage the other, the question now is, how do you get the conscious and subconscious minds to work in harmony?

How To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

One of the best programs for getting the two minds to work together to attain your goals is Cybernetic Transposition it is detailed in a book titled, “How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast ” by Stuart A. Lichtman and Joe Vitale.

In this book, you will learn specific techniques to not only your financial goals but your targets whether they be health, success, love or any target you set your sights on. I know, it may sound a bit weird and hooky but it is based on sound principles of the mind. Strangely enough, Wallace D. Wattles book The Science of Getting Rich is based on similar principles.

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