How Sleep Affects Weight Loss

As I was working 12 – 14 hours a day, it dealth with the overeating during those long work days, what was left unsaid was the lack of sleep I was getting, today post will focus more on how sleep affects weight loss.

We have been subjected to the saying “you snooze you lose” in reference to being on the ball regarding competing in business. To stay ahead of the competition you need to put in the hours, you need to burn the midnight oil, our society is bombarded with these mantras. I am not going to debate the truth or lack of truth to these statements; however, I want to address the issue of sleep as it applies to weight loss.

How sleep affects weight loss is rather interesting from the aspect that several studies have shown that lack of sleep hinders weight loss. On first blush, this makes lots of sense because if you are asleep you can’t eat, unless you sleepwalk, but that’s another topic.

During my long worked days which I mentioned above sleep deprivation was replaced by taking risk-taking to keep me stimulated, things like fast driving to stay alert, making rash business decisions which, by the way, came back to haunt me, similar things are done by those of us who lack the proper amount of sleep. Next let us take a look at a video explaining the science behind weight gain and the lack of sleep, take a look.

With the current record temperatures and high humidity working out can cause an increasing drain on our energy, to compensate for this more sleep is required; however, the longer summer days works against that. More sunshine causes us to stay up later, depriving us of much-needed sleep. The scientific proof in the video above is backed up by other sources such as the following article, an excerpt from the article written by Amy Korn-Reavis is below, take a look.

As someone living in the northern hemisphere and you go on vacation in the tropics where there are high humidity and high temperatures, you probably find that you are drained of energy because of the weather. Yes, I empathize with you because I experienced the same thing when I was on vacation in Barbados after living in Canada for over 20 years.

As a result, you need more sleep while in those conditions, however, to see all the sights and sounds in these strange countries we sleep less stay up later and gain weight while on vacation. How sleep affects weight loss comes down to one thing, being awake leads to eating, whatever the reason and the science behind it.…

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